Coping with post-industrial sites is a pressing issue throughout Europe and North America. One point of departure for their general rediscovery was the revitalisation by Latz + Partner in the early 1990s of an abandoned steelworks as Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park; industrial relics were not demolished but seen as integral parts of the overall concept and imbued with new meanings and uses. Many more projects with a similar approach have since been executed and this book presents a selection of the most seminal, such as Chemetoff’s Île de Nantes, Parc del Clot in Barcelona, Hargreaves/PROAP’s Parque do Tejo e Trancão in Lisbon and Michel Desvigne’s Parc aux Angéliques in Bordeaux.

‘Beauty Redeemed’ offers a systematic framework for the consideration and use of post-industrial sites. These ‘left-overs’ are placed in their broad historical and aesthetic context, proceeding from the 19th-century Romantic fascination with ruins through present-day industrial decline as exemplified by Detroit to a renaissance of the transformed landscape. Transformation, understood as designing with the ‘as found’, forms the basis of this design theory; design work informed by a sensibility for redeemed beauty and grounded in the specific post-industrial landscape understood as temporary and mutable.

The author of ‘Beauty Redeemed’ is Ellen Braae, Professor in Land-

scape Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Copenhagen.

ISBN: 978-87-92614-01-8

336 pages, 22.0 x 27.0 cm, hard back, richly illustrated

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Published: April 2015

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